Teddy's Bar and Grill

12 May 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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The second stop on our Williamsburg Nacho Crawl was Teddy’s at 96 Berry Street. The only straight-up bar nacho stop on our crawl, Teddy’s was a decent place. However, when you eat at 3 other restaurants in one afternoon, there’s a lot to live up to.

the crowd

We ordered both Nachos and Nachos Supreme. Nachos Supreme is just like the regular nachos but with beef chili and guacamole. The nachos satisfied the vegetarians’ taste buds on our crawl, but the Supreme really didn’t live up to it’s hype.


Let’s here from some customers of Teddy’s who were in no way related to this nacho crawl.

All right, look at the salsa tortilla cup. WTF? Seriously? Let’s drink from the goblet of cold, chunky tomato juice.  Pinkies up, ladies.

Pinky up

[Nachos ESQ: Are you calling me a lady?]

Finally, the waitress made our afternoon. While the nachos were average at best, she was certainly the highlight of the entire crawl. She could not believe that we were on a nacho crawl. Flabbergasted. She also got us a pitcher of beer and humored us by providing this nacho crawl gold. Enjoy our interview with our waitress at Teddy’s.

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