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19 May 2009 by Lee Frank Category: interview
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We here at Nachos NY are obviously enthusiasts, but we’re not alone in our love. There are some that go above and beyond the means of any casual nacho fan. Today, we introduce, Shelly, a wonderful girl with an interest in avocadoes. Through her flickr, we got in touch with her. See if you can find her interest.


When did you get the tattoo?
I got the tattoos on my 18th birthday (June 29th, 2007).

Was it on a dare?
Haha no, well, I supposed you could say it was kind of a dare to myself. I had been planning on getting my first tattoo on my 18th birthday for a while because I was moving out of my parents’ house who would never have allowed me to get one before then. I had it all planned out since I was about 15, I wanted to get a life-size ant on my upper forearm. I also wanted to get it done at the shop where all my friends got their tattoos, (Fluid Ink in St. Paul) because I had heard very good things, but they have a shop minimum of 65$, which I didn’t want to pay just to get the ant, so I had to think of something else to get before my birthday. I’d say it was about 2 weeks before I got them that I came up with the idea to get both halves of an avocado on my inner arms.

Did it hurt?
Well of course it hurt, It’s a tattoo! Haha, being that it was my first tattoo I didn’t know what to expect but the pain really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I didn’t cry, I didn’t have to take a break during the session and my artist said I sat through it like a champ, in fact I almost fell asleep a couple times. The left arm hurt significantly more than the right, but I think that’s because of all the dark colors in the pit. It was so worth it though! I’m saving up right now for my next tattoos, I can’t wait to go back!

Avo tatts

Why did you pick avocados?
I love avocados, they are one of my favorite foods in the whole world. I also think they are asthetically pleasing, not only the shape but the actually color of the avocado “meat” is one of my favorite colors. The idea just kind of came to me to get both halves evenly on either arm, I’m really into approximate symmetry, I think it looks really cool, so I just went with it.

What’s my favorite way to eat avocados?
My favorite way to eat avocados is in guacamole, with some lime salted chips. Maybe it’s played out but it’s too good to beat! I also very much enjoy them sliced up on top of tostadas, BLTs and just cut in half with a little spritz of lime and salt and pepper.

What’s my first avocado memory?
The first time I ever really tasted an avocado was in middle school, 7th grade. We had this project where we had to show the class how to make or do something step by step, and a girl in my class showed us how to make guacamole, and then had chips so we could line up and sample it. I was really weary of it because I mean, it was a green slop but when I took that first bite I knew I was hooked! My best friend at the time was in that class and it was her first time tasting it too, and I remember just talking about how amazing it was for the rest of the class period.

Does it get you free guacamole anywhere?
I wish! It does get me a lot of compliments, but sadly no free guac yet. I highly encourage any restaurant to be the first to donate to my free guacamole fund.

Ok friends, if you see this girl, buy her some guac.

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  • Dynah said:

    Avocado tattoos! What a fantastic idea. Although I think I’d get hungry every time I looked at my arms.

  • Black Bears said:

    Stay Sassy, avocado girl!

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  • rachel said:

    Mmmmmm !

  • Julia said:

    WOW…well too bad Rachel was logged in on MY computer so when I wanted to say, Mmmmm ! It came up as Rachel saying Mmmmm ! 🙂

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  • Phil Sweetland said:

    I have an avocado on my side! 🙂 Looks gooooood

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