Spanish Prisoners plays shows and eat nachos

23 May 2009 by Lee Frank Category: interview
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Tonight taking over Union Hall tonight is Spicy Times, an evening curated and DJed by Nora and Jinners. On top of wanting to attend this event tonight, we got to talk to the very cool Spanish Prisoners about nachos and music:

Spanish PrisonersHow can you compare you music to a plate of delicious nachos?
Our music is like nachos in that both can be savored at any time of the day, with friends or family. Or something…

What do you like to pair with your nachos?
I’m all about sweet potatoes recently. Maybe some crispy sweet potato chips draped in hot sauce.

Would you eat nachos with cheese sauce?
Of course! Why wouldn’t you, you know?

Do you have childhood memories of nachos like we do?
Not really actually. I only started eating nachos in college, as my parents were strictly anti-nacho.

What musicians would you want to eat nachos with? Why?
I think it’d be weird to eat nachos with musicians I wasn’t already friends with. It’s a pretty in your face finger food that you have to be comfortable with just digging into. That being said, for the fun of it, I’ll say Bonnie Prince Billy.

What’s some of your favorite music out right now?
Recently I’ve been enjoying the new album by the Love Language, Bitte Orca by the Dirty Projectors, and Woods.

Where did your band name come from?
The band is named after the David Mamet movie “The Spanish Prisoner.” Though sometimes I don’t actually admit that to people!

Whats the future of Spanish Prisoners?
We’re working on a new record, and we have all sorts of shows coming up this summer that we’ll announce soon. We also just recorded a Smiths cover for The Music Slut, which should be coming out shortly. And enjoying New York in the summer, with as many nachos as possible!

Check out Spanish Prisoners and tonight’s Spicy Times.

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