1849: Why Are We So Sad?

3 April 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: reviews
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Why the long faces? Well, at the request of a fellow nacho-lover, NachosNY packed its gear and headed to 1849 on Bleecker Street. Julia and Bob’s time in New York City was winding down so we thought they should go out in style. However, 1849 failed to live up to hype. I try to be positive on this nacho journey. However, this place tested my taste buds (and my temper).

SAD Nachos Lovers

First off, this isn’t a place for our young nacho fans. 21 plus, even at 5 o’clock on a Thursday afternoon. They have great drink prices for happy hour and a decent wings special but being from Western NY spoiled me for Buffalo wings as they were so-so. But the bar did have Magic Hat #9 on tap which is always a big plus in my book.


Now hand me the tissues. We couldn’t finish our plate. Six nacho fiends and still chips left on the plate. Its sad when the crunchiest thing on a plate of nachos is the burnt cheese. It was as if the cook forgot to drain the black beans. There was black bean juice everywhere and not a chip was left unaffected. At least there wasn’t cold salsa covering the nachos. The pico de gallo was quite good and there was plenty of guacamole. However, I just couldn’t get over the soggy center to these nachos.

Chips left over

In addition to the poor nachos, the environment was not pleasurable. Even though we had six people in our group, we were almost forced from our seats by our waitress who claimed we didn’t have enough people to sit at the corner couch. Then, come to find out, all table service automatically gets 20% gratuity. Not cool, especially when our food was sub-par and our waitress detested our existence.

Bob is also sad.

I am ready for a rebound fix. Anyone have another suggestion?

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