The Great Cheese Sauce Conundrum

5 March 2009 by Rachel Anderson Category: battle
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I feel that this is going to be our most hotly contested post in Nachos NY history. I’m going out on a limb here with this but it needs to be said. Deep breath and here it goes: Nacho cheese sauce does not a nacho make. More simply, cheese wiz on tortilla chips does not automatically mean nachos. Far from it my friends, instead, it makes a salty dip product that only should be served at sporting events, gas stations, and movie theatres.

Oozing Cheese?The nacho’s original form was simply tortillas, melted longhorn cheddar cheese, topped with jalapenos. Now as we add guacamole, chorizo, or pico de gallo, are we really going to allow ourselves to evolve to consuming processed cheese? In just two tablespoons of Tostitos Salsa con Queso there is 280mg of sodium-that’s 12% of your daily intake. And who eats just two tablespoons? Please, maybe on one chip.

I don’t want to say, “Let’s abolish this queso-imposter.” It does have its rightful place in the culinary world. So instead I propose this: Imitation, processed cheese dip must only be paired with circle tortilla chips. You know the chips I am talking about. (Again) Overly salted, comes from a jumbo bag about as tall as a moose, and there only ever seems to be like two chips that haven’t broken in to semi-circles. Wash them down with a cold Labatt Blue, bet number 4 to win, and enjoy your day at the racetrack.

So please, if you’re waiting in line for lunch at the Union Square Taco Bell, contemplating whether or not to get the Nachos Bellgrande, remind yourself you’re not at some travel plaza off of I-90 on you’re way to Indiana. Besides, have you seen those new enchilada platters?

Do you agree? I’ll be glad to battle you in the comments.

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