Cosmic Cantina

12 March 2009 by Lee Frank Category: reviews
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This post could have been terribly angry due to the strangely poor service. The girl at the counter gave me the wrong burrito, gave my burrito to some guy and then told me I was wrong, but lucky for you, this is a Nacho blog, not an “Am I happy at a Restaurant” blog. So, let’s move on.

We got there, worried by the chalkboard that they didn’t even serve nachos, but luckily we saw a lil menu and they were there. This organic restaurant had Deluxe Nachos, and in living a Deluxe life, we ordered that.

They came out like this:

Nachos from Cosmic Cantina

What do you notice first? If you’re as talented as me, you will immediately notice the cheese. While it’s a white cheese, which is the most accepted cheese and deliciousest, they didn’t heat it up at all. It would have been incredible tasting a little hot, but alas, twasn’t. That was the biggest drawback.

Additionally, this had very fresh, delicious guacamole and good, creamy sour cream. Homemade chips, nice black beans and pico de gallo round out this tasty, but unfortunately slightly flawed set.

To be honest, these would have easily jumped to the top of the chart, had it been for a little time in the oven. Still it has bumped Murphy & Gonzalez out of the top 3. Sorry M & G. Soon, we’ll expand back to a Top 4 or even 5.

Yum yum

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