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17 October 2008 by Lee Frank Category: announcements
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I know you know that I just moved to NY about a month ago and took on this great endeavor to go around chowing on nachos all over the place. Thanks go to Joby for reminding me with a comment; I want you to leave me some suggestions where to go. Just leave them in the comments area and I’d be glad to check them out, maybe even with you.


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  • Chrysanthe said:

    Hi there! We love your site and would love to get you set up with an storymap so your readers can find place you mention (it’ll be more easily updated than the google map you have up–it’s automatic!). Check it out: and drop me a line when you do. Yay nachos!

  • George said:

    Have you had the nachos at Qdoba?

  • miamiamia said:

    teddy’s in williamsburg. awesome nachos. also, red star in greenpoint. check it.

  • Zach said:

    Pinche Taqueria…only go to the one on Lafayette, but the nachos are gooooooood.

  • Ashley said:

    Ok I used to live in the hood in Spanish Harlem and there’s this little gem on E. 117th bt 2nd and 3rd that is just plain amazing. Definitely worth the trip and possible mugging up there. Now I go to Cilantro’s on 2nd & 89th…they use garbanzo beans which is surprisingly tasty.

  • Jen said:

    5 Burros in Forest Hills(Queens) has serious nachos with amazing marinated skirt steak.

  • Emma said:

    Add the nachos at Big Enchilada to your list! I would say best nacho in the union square area.

  • Joridana said:

    The nachos at Piano’s on Ludlow and Stanton are AMAZING! Especially if you go during happy hour on the weekends when they are $4.00 and drinks are $3.00. They are vegetarian friendly and have great ingredients like chickpeas and sweet potato chunks.

  • Jason said:

    i almost hate to give up my fav nacho spot but i have a feeling i’m gonna spend a lot of time on this blog so here goes: check out “1849” on Bleecker. you won’t regret it.

  • Andrew said:

    How far would you go for good nachos? La Superica, Sag Harbor, NY

  • lee (author) said:

    Thanks for all of these great recommendations. They will be added to our queue!

  • Jake said:

    As a fairly recent Cali ex-pat turned NYer and avid burrito enthusiast, we share a lot of the same turf. My search for comfort food in NY has sent me far and wide and thus far I can safely say that Florencia 13 in the West Village is the best Cali-Mex food out there. You will not be disappointed. Their nacho’s will blow you away.

    Just shoot me an email and I’ll meet you there any time!

  • patty said:

    Rancho Alegre in Park Slope. heaping and awesome.

  • Smellanor said:

    Make stickers. I want a sticker.

  • Smellanor said:

    Make buttons. I want a button.

  • Boone said:

    Zocalo on Broadway in Williamsburg. The real deal.

  • Cal said:

    Try the Chicken Nachos at either of the Pinche Taquerias. They are real nachos with homemade chips and plenty of cheese. I guarantee they won’t disapoint!

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  • Jasper said:

    I love the Nachos at David Copperfield’s on York Avenue and 74th Street. The veggie Nachos are great if you don’t feel like eating meat, too.

  • Peter S said:

    Hop Devil Grill on St. Marks Place and Avenue A has a great nachos. They are delicious. The wings are sublime too. They also have a good beer selection. Err, great beer selection.

  • joby said:

    New suggestion: Florencia 13 on Sullivan b/w Bleecker and Houston. I didn’t have their nachos, but I did have an order of chips and guac, which was tasty.

  • Ali said:

    You MUST try the chorizo nachos at De Mole in Woodside (

    They, like *everything* else on the menu there, are incredible and inexpensive.

  • liz said:

    Yola’s on Metropolitan in Williamsburg..great place, few seats, better for take out. It can take awhile for delivery so i reheat in oven..ask for there red sauce. My fav is regular nachos with of course meat, but heard the chicken nachos are good as well.

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  • mp said:

    landsdowne road (43rd and 10th). piled high and delicious.
    p.s. thank you for all you do.

  • Anita said:

    I would love, love, love it if we could collaborate on a Nacho + Brooklyn by Bike ride! Our tummies may not, but that would make it all the more fun.

  • luli said:

    For the Best Nachos! Go to El Maguey Y La Tuna
    321 east houston st. bet Attorney y Ridge

    They have a huge Nacho Selection To-Go and InHouse

    You can tell them to make you a mole verde nacho o adobo nacho
    and elmaguey nacho with dark mole with chicken, steak or vegetable
    and they have some kick ass strong frozen margaritas!!!!

    viva NachoNY!!!!!!!

  • lee (author) said:

    Luli: We’ve reviewed El Maguey some months ago and have it rated as our favorite.

  • m said:

    Well a blog about a food that isn’t even mexican origin and the webmaster is an out of town hick that never bothered to hit the outer boroughs. Where do you think all the mexicans live?? U can bet I will not be wasting my time here ever again

  • Gary said:

    Mama Mexico has the best guacamole and nachos on the upper west side! But you brother hasn’t been there yet!

  • Stephanie said:

    You must try the Nachos Classicos with guac at Taco Chulo in Williamsburg!!!!

  • katie said:

    Papacitos in Greenpoint has amazing vegan nachos, especially if you order it with soyrizo. Haven’t tried the non-vegan, but I’m sure it’s just as good.

  • Chitra said:

    this is such a great site. i'm obsessed with nachos too and always have ingredients for them ready to go for when i come home a bit drunky. i wanted to share though my version of Indian nachos. what do you think?!

  • F. Loren said:

    Check out OFRENDA COCINA MEXICANA at 113 7th Avenue South, NY NY!! They have a great chef doing home-style food and they do happy hour with his really good nachos at $3.00! I was doubtful, thinking “bargain minimal serving etc” but they’re very good. Yum.

  • Patrick said:

    Your new store software with vendor doesn’t work. Try checking out for yourself

  • lee (author) said:

    @Patrick, thanks for the notice. I am assuming you have IE 7, and we’re talking to Vendr about it now. THANKS!

  • Nate said:

    Taco Santana fries up the chips while you wait. Unreal stuff. Right off the Hewes street J stop.

  • B61 said:

    B61 on Columbia Street in Red Hook/Carroll Gardens. Make sure to add pulled pork for an extra buck or two.

  • Victor said:

    I took a thorough look-see and all the stops; let me preface this by saying how blown away that there are other Nachos connoisseurs out there. Found you guys and nachopatrol for Bostonites. I have no shame in saying that I would love to get down with the Nachos NY team. (I would have Guac in my cereal if the flakes were big enough.)

    It might seem like an odd place to find good Nachos but the
    Pizzeria Uno’s at 81st & Columbus near Central Park are HUUUGGE.

    They bring them out on satellite dish of a platter and the chips are swimming freestyle in a sea of cheeses and salsa.
    (You do have the choice of going When Harry Met Sally on them and ordering anything on the side or not at all)
    And for the Nachas, they make Raspberry Margaritas.

    Peace, Love and Re-fried beans…

  • another b61 said:

    Another bump for B61. A simple nacho with cheap cheese, but good all around.

  • T said:


    Just wanted to suggest ‘Taqueria El Fogon’ in Bushwick @ Flushing and Knickerbocker. I’ve been going there for about a year, but only recently discovered their nachos. 6 bucks lands you a massive heap of made to order tortilla chips, steak, beans, cheese, pico, and other goodness. Red and Green salsa optional and highly recommended.

    I’m a fan and I’d love to see how they stack up against the other fine chos this blog has introduced me to.

  • Brandon said:

    You guys have got to try the Venison Nachos at Waterfront Ale House at 29th and 2nd! Probably the best nachos in the city, definitely the best nachos in Kips Bay

  • tomas julian and aldo said:

    As afficionados of the melty mexican magic, we felt required to share the place we only moments ago devoured a lovely plate of cheesy bliss. They were so delightful we opted for a second equally delicious portion… Defintely worth a trip to St. Marks Ale House on 8th off 3rd. Really nice servers is an added bonus…really nice 😉

  • Nick Davis said:

    On your full size poster, lower left — THESES — ?

  • lee (author) said:

    Sorry Nick! I fixed that!

  • nycParkie said:

    Machaca nachos from Los Dos Molinos are divine. Quite different from most ‘pile it on’ bar nachos you’ll find. But so spicy, gooey and delicious.

    Nothing at Los Dos is cheap so if you get there before 7pm they are on special for about 1/2 the price.

  • Aaron said:

    How bout a top 10 section on the site ? Maybe a hall of shame too.

  • jonacho said:

    I agree with you about La Tuna y El Maguey — the best. If you are ever on the Upper East Side, however unlikely that is, try El Paso on 97 St., between Park and Madison. You will not be disappointed!

  • lee (author) said:

    Jonacho! I’m absolutely going to trek up there!

  • danny macaroons said:

    to add on to what jonacho (#16) said, you’re better of hitting the el paso on 116 between 2nd/3rd. same family, better location. but the nachos are indeed awesome. you’re missing good ones if you haven’t had em yet.

  • Ellie said:

    Let it be known that this is an EXCELLENT nacho pan

    I bought mine at KMart in the East Village and its non-stick capabilities are very helpful in the baking process and its circular shape is very helpful in the nacho build process.

    Happy nachos

  • FC Barcelona said:

    you need to go to El Toro Partido

    El Toro Partido
    3431 Broadway
    (between 139th St & 140th St)
    New York, NY 10031
    Neighborhood: Harlem

    best Nachos by far in NYC from the home made chips to the oaxaca cheese

    Nachos Rancheros
    Chips With Beans Oaxaca Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Guacamole Cilantro, Sour Cream, Jalapeno Peppers, And Grated Cheese.

  • Victoria said:

    Hi!! There are FREE mexican hot chocolates and tacos at Choza!

    This site can help all us non-beauty queens gain a little weight as well 🙂

  • lee (author) said:

    Do they have nachos?

  • Emile said:

    Hey! I love the site. Being a big fan of nachos (and buffalo wings) I’m an avid reader of the site. However I noticed no mention of one of my fave restaurants for nachos; Baja Fresh!! Not a single mention 🙁

    Anywhoo thats def one place to add to your queue for NYC. Their nachos, which can made to your liking, include guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. Wanna add some chicken or steak? Go ahead!

    Can’t wait to hear how much you guys enjoyed their nachos.

  • Eric said:

    Buffalo Chicken Nachos at Lansdowne Road in Midtown West. They use their own buffalo sauce and the nachos are delicious.

  • RZ said:

    Try the nachos at Coppelia. Just opened on 14th between 7th and 8th. All homemade, including the chips. Not huge, but stellar.

  • lee (author) said:

    RZ, Those NACHOS were great!

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  • Rebecca said:

    The Bullpen in the UES (87th and 1st) has fantastic nachos!! Its worth the trip uptown!!

  • Brad said:

    I have been mooching off of your site for awhile, following your suggestions & now want to give back – Pelea Mexicana, in the old Bar Artisnal space in Tribeca.

    They aren’t Offrenda-class, but could easily compete with Coppelia or Phebe’s (I told you I’ve been following your suggestions).

    I have pictures, but I’m not sure how to upload them.

  • Dennis said:

    Mojave in Astoria, Queens — needs a Nacho’s NY review !

  • Trevor said:

    I highly recommend the Colossal Nachos at 13th Step on 3rd Ave between 9th and 10th in the East Village.

  • Cristin said:

    Since Lee is from Philadelphia, you MUST check out the skirt steak nachos from Distrito next time you’re in town. PERFECT NACHOS.

  • nicole said:

    Nachos you must enjoy:

    -Commodore in Williamsburg’s “Cadillac Nachos”
    -Calexico in Greenpoint – they have white cheese!
    -Old Town bar on 18th in Flatiron. Classic bar nachos.

  • Vance said:

    For divebar nachos on the UWS, I’d recommend the ones at Amsterdam Ale House – come hungry!

  • Melissa said:

    Salerno’s Pizza on 30th Ave between 28th and 29th Street. Seriously, its a half mexican, half pizza place. Eat at the restaurant, and get the nachos with refried beans and steak and its HEAVEN.

  • Melissa said:

    My comment is for Astoria, I just assume everyone lives here.

  • Emmanuelle said:

    I want to be able to find the best nacho places in all of NY. Rather than (or, in addition to) organizing the reviews according to location, could you also list the Top 10 places to get nachos. That way I don’t have to sort through each review? Thanks!

  • Chris said:

    El Gato Nacho at Smorgasburg! Every Saturday on the Williamsburg Waterfront!

  • David Davila said:

    Hey there, I’m a Texican and NYC transplant who is OBSESSED with Nachos. I have spent 3 years trying to track down good Tex-Mex nachos and i’m going to be doing a blog piece about it soon for my website. One of my friends told me about your site and I’m going to check a few of your places out 🙂 Thanks.

    The best I’ve had so far are YOLA’s in Williamsburg… no one else comes close… they have the best Tex-Mex in NYC, but I also like: Pince Taqueria (NOHO), VYNL (Hell’s Kitchen), Therapy (Hell’s Kitchen), Mr. Biggs (Hell’s Kitchen) – can you tell I hang out in Hell’s Kitchen a lot), The Broadway Bar @ the Marriott Marquis (Times Square) – I know that one is crazy but seriously those are amazing!, and MaryAnn’s (Chelsea.) Can’t wait to try some of your other suggestions 🙂

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